Emancipation English Arabic Indo Subtitle (2022) Down*load – ঈমানসিপশন

This movie Emancipation Bangla English Arabic Indo Subtitle (2022) Down*load – ঈমানসিপশন was excellent, moving, and a must-watch. I don’t typically like to watch movies about slavery bc it is hard to stomach and watch the pain my people endured but this movie is different and depicted the strength and faith that only God can give us in a beautiful way while still not taking away from the ugliness of slavery.

It is INSPIRATIONAL and will smith deserves awards for his performance. In my opinion, anyone who speaks on it negatively doesn’t like to see the mirror it provides to those whose ancestors were involved in the horrific act of slavery and May struggle to empathize.

It reminds me of how powerful our people are and glorifies God in a relatable realistic form that I can believe was true to the experience of enslaved people. Beautifully made and will stay with me for a long time. Go watch it for yourself.

Description of Emancipation Bangla English Arabic Indo Subtitle

The Bangla subtitle of the Emancipation movie is made by Asaduzzaman. The movie Faith is directed by Antoine Foucault and the story is written by Bill Collage. Will Smith, Ben Foster, and Ronnie Gene Blevins played special roles in the movie Faith. Emancipation was released in 2022. The movie has received a rating of 5.6/10 from 6,000 votes so far on Internet Movie Database. Imansiption movie was made with a budget of 120 million.

  • Description of the movie
  • Movie Name: Imancipation
  • Director: Antoine Foucault
  • Story Writer: Bill Collage
  • Movie Genre: Action, Thriller
  • Language: English
  • Translator: AsadujJaman
  • Release date: 9 December 2022
  • IMDB Rating: 5.6/10
  • IMDB Votes: 6,000
  • Run time: 132 minutes

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Emancipation Subtitle Review

A beautifully made movie that has finally been told. Outstanding performance by Will Smith and all actors and actresses involved. I love period pieces about my culture that show how far we have come. I will never get tired of learning about my history.

This is exactly what African American /or Black American children, teens, and adults need to see in order to bring back the passion and love towards one another which unites our community.

We are more powerful than we think! When we as a people unify we’re UNSTOPPABLE!!!! To God Be The Glory. This is a movie that its critics don’t want people to watch but it’s a must-watch movie of our history that the critics have been blatantly trying to cover up right up to the just past Georgia election runoffs complete with blatant voter suppression with laws made to imprison people for 5 years.

Just for passing voters some water or a slice of pizza as Atlanta AfroAmerican residents were forced to wait in rainy lines for hours to vote while vote times in the white burbs were only 10 minutes.

This movie, which deserves Major Awards, connects the dots between the horrid treatment of Afro-Americans and their fierce determination to overcome the horrid cruelties that they were subjected to for so long as Will Smith emulated through great faith in the Higher Powers and love for his family and to liberate his people from the bondage of oppression.

This is a very inspiring movie with amazing cinematography that takes us right back to the Civil war while illuminating the still current racism that exists and why.

Fight the good fight of faith as the African American liberation from slavery must also be fully liberated by confessing, repentance, faith, compassion, and goodwill from ALL Americans to heal our country and make the world a better place.

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