Enola Holmes 2 Bangla Subtitle (2022) – এনোলা হোমস ২

The best movie Enola Holmes 2 Bangla Subtitle (2022) – এনোলা হোমস ২ I’ve seen this year. Millie Bobby Brown plays Enola Holmes for the second time and should get an Oscar. She carries the movie with her effervescent style, and the other actors follow suit—what a fantastic family movie. I highly recommend it.

I enjoyed this movie so goddam much. The mystery is good as movie mysteries go, with enough clues for clever audience members to piece bits together but nothing so obvious that you scream at the protagonists for being stupid. I love all of the main cast, none of them are perfect but that just makes them more endearing.

This movie was even better than the first one. I love murder shows, and I love detective shows it was exactly what I was looking for. It was funny it was just honestly really good. And I am very excited/hoping they make a third one.

Description of Enola Holmes 2 Bangla Subtitle

Sottotitoli bengalesi del film Enola Holmes 2 realizzato da The Movie Freak. Il film Enola Holmes 2 è stato diretto da Harry Bradbear e la storia è stata scritta da Jack Thorne. Enola Holmes 2 film con Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cabil, David Thewlis. Enola Homes 2 è stato rilasciato nel 2022. Il film ha ricevuto finora un punteggio di 6,8/10 da 23.000 voti su Internet Movie Database.

  • Descrizione del film
  • Titolo del film: Enola Holmes 2
  • Regia: Harry Bradbear
  • Sceneggiatore: Jack Thorne
  • Genere del film: azione, avventura, crimine
  • Lingua Inglese
  • Traduttore: Fayyaz Chow
  • Data di uscita: 4 novembre 2022
  • Valutazione IMDB: 6.8/10
  • Voti IMDB: 23.000
  • Durata: 129 minutes

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Enola Holmes 2 Subtitle Review

Absolutely brilliant movie! I am a big fan of Sir A.C. Doyle’s work, having read the entirety of the Sherlock Holmes collection. This is a creative spin that is done consistently with the form, engagement, and twists that Doyle himself would be proud of. Very much looking forward to more Enola Holmes content with the existing cast.

These films are fn AWESOME. Great storylines, character development, fun* and not reliant on violence or sex. I’m not certain as to why the Enola Holmes movies have gotten low ratings anywhere, apart from many films relying on smut, and ultra-violent sh to get higher ratings. A low score on Enola Holmes only seems like an implication of the ruined minds of the public.

This is the absolute cutest sleuthing movie ever! I love the indolence and problem-solving demonstrated by Enola. The mystery which unraveled in part two was very cleverly written, and I had fun following the threads with the most charming of the Holmes siblings! Definitely, the type of film for a younger target audience (middle/high school) but I as a young adult love it too! I love all things Sherlock though, and Mr. Cavill is just. yes.

He’s as adorable as Sherlock even as he tries to be aloof. I loved the Match Girl Mystery!!! Big fan and I hope there’s a third film!

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